How does a furniture buyer determine the quality of the product?

1. Smell it.
Panel furniture is made of wood-based panels, like MDF board. There will always be a smell of formaldehyde or paint, no matter what. Therefore, you can determine whether the furniture is worth buying through your nose. If you can smell the pungent smell when you walk into the furniture store, you don’t have to look at this furniture. Even the sampled furniture can’t guarantee environmental protection. In the future, there will likely be more problems with furniture sent home. You should choose a certificated and guaranteed supplier or a reputable furniture brand to start with.Open the large cabinet, open the drawer and observe the details of the furniture. At the same time, give full play to the function of the nose. Furniture with a strong odor should not be purchased, even if the style is attractive and the price is preferential.
2. Look at the details of the furniture.
A majority of MDF furniture with melamine is checked for edge sealing. When there is an obvious edge explosion at the interface between edge sealing and MDF panel, it indicates a lack of competence in the processing technology of the furniture factory.
For wood veneer furniture, pay attention to the grain, color, and corners of the veneer. If the wood grain is not deep and fine enough, it indicates that the thickness of the veneered wood used is not of high quality enough. This tells you that the paint process has not been qualified if the color is not natural, deep, or light.
In the case of PVC veneered furniture, pay special attention to the corners and edges. In the case of peeling and warping at the corners, it indicates that the processing technology was not adequate, and thus the furniture could not be purchased.
Also, you could look at the connection between drawers and hardware in order to see the quality of furniture. Panel furniture is connected by hardware. If the hardware in furniture is not good enough, or if it is simply fixed with nails, it indicates a lack of strength and an inability to grasp details.
3, Does it feel comfortable? 
When purchasing large items such as bookcases or coffee tables, ensure the surface is smooth and free of burrs. If you are planning to purchase small pieces of furniture, like wall shelves or floating shelves, look at the metal coating and shelving edge. This will help you determine whether they are fully veneered. 
4. Listen. 
Open the cabinet door, feel smooth and silent. Pull the drawer without blocking. 
5.Verify the certificates, quality grade, wood-based panel test report, and wood-based panel furniture test report of the wood furniture quality supervision and inspection station, as well as the audit of the furniture factory.

Post time: May-16-2022