How to find suitable and high-quality suppliers? 

Sustainable procurement strategies are critical to an enterprise’s growth potential. A company can maximize profits and minimize losses when it finds high-quality suppliers. Even though there are thousands of suppliers, selecting suppliers becomes easier once you know precisely what products to purchase and what type of supplier to contact. SS Wooden has sorted out several channels to locate reliable suppliers and posted them for reference below.

1Trade Exhibition 

One of the most effective places to find high-quality suppliers is at a trade show. You will have the opportunity to see which product suppliers take their markets seriously, collect valuable information from one-on-one conversations with sales representatives, gain insight into the company, and be able to compare various competitors immediately. Take the furniture industry as an example. There are trade shows such as the Canton fair, E-commerce trade shows, and HPM shows, etc., that deal with furniture for indoors and outdoors.

2Trade publications

Magazines and newspapers aimed at your industry or market are also potential suppliers. Although a company cannot be judged by advertising, some insights about the company can be extracted from their marketing information and articles in publications.

3Peer recommendation

Consult other non-competitive enterprises similar to the enterprise when participating in a trade exhibition to exchange ideas and experiences. If you are a furniture importer, ask friends with retail businesses. If you are an E-commerce retailer, ask friends who are in the hardware business.

4, Bidding announcement

Through the bidding announcement, suppliers are attracted to participate, and the enterprise selects those who are qualified through legal procedures. Public a bidding announcement to all your potential vendors, state clearly what products you are interested in and the qualifying conditions for suppliers.

5, Social network

Generally speaking, there are many professional procurement teams and data information sharing parties in the market, which can obtain supplier resources through such platforms. At the same time, you can also choose the social network website to search like Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook etc. Join industry groups on different social networks. Usually suppliers will share their latest products in the industry group. Connect with them or record them into your potential supplier list for back up.

Post time: Jun-02-2022