What are the advantages of panel furniture?

1. Environmental protection.
Raw materials for panel furniture are mostly man-made boards (MDF Board) made from wood residues and fast-growing, high-yield artificial forests.
2. High temperature resistance.
Many furniture manufacturers choose a particular type of MDF board. A high-temperature pressing technique is used to form the board and to use the natural properties of wood fiber under high pressure and high temperatures without using resin glue catalysts (such as methylaldehyde), so that the environmental protection grade and the physical properties of the board are better than those of solid wood furniture.
3. Convenient loading and unloading.
In most cases, panel furniture components are connected by a variety of metal hardware, making it very straightforward to assemble and disassemble. Furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times for convenient transportation. Even for a huge console table, or a barn cabinet, it still can be packed in a small box for convenient loading and unloading.
4. The appearance is more personalized.
Because it has a variety of veneers, changes in color and texture can give people a variety of different feelings. There are also many changes in shape design, which can make shapes that can never be completed by solid wood, with personality.
5. Stable quality.
Because the board breaks the original physical structure of wood, the “deformation” of wood-based board is much smaller than that of solid wood when the humidity changes greatly. Therefore, the quality of wood-based panel furniture is more stable than that of solid wood furniture.
6. High cost performance.
In terms of price, MDF has a high utilization rate of logs, so the price is cheaper than natural wood furniture. Additionally, Panel furniture is disassembled into small packages, which is convenient for transportation, saves freight, and brings significant convenience to furniture retailing and furniture wholesale. It is also the key point that panel furniture was like a hot cake on E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Wayfair.

Post time: May-13-2022