What is panel furniture?

An example of panel furniture is a piece of furniture that is made of all artificial boards and hardware with a decorative surface. It has the basic characteristics of detachable, changeable shape, fashionable appearance according to the user’s needs, not easy to deform, stable quality, affordable price and so on.
In Scandinavia, panel furniture (in Swedish, _panelmöbler_ ), was very popular in the 50′s, a style which came to be known as “Scandinavian design”. It included chairs, bookcases, tables, desks, cabinets, wall shelves etc. Today IKEA still has many of these items, though they usually call them “compartment” or “compartments” or “compartments system”.
Panel furniture is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard by surface veneering and other processes, combined with metal hardware to facilitate transportation. Such as modern TV cabinets with storage,the base material breaks the original physical structure of wood, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the deformation of wood-based panels is much better than that of solid wood, and the quality of TV stand in MDF material is more stable than that of solid wood.
The common decorative materials of panel furniture include PVC veneer, melamine, impregnated paper, wood grain paper, polyester paint, etc. The last four finishes are usually used for medium and lower grade furniture like shelves for storage or wall mounted shelves, while natural veneer finishes are used for high-grade furniture. A large part of this kind of furniture is wood grain simulation furniture, such as table center, living room cabinet, or bookshelf for bedroom. The veneer of some panel furniture sold on the market is becoming more and more realistic, with a high gloss and feel. As a result, products with fine craftsmanship are also very expensive. Due to the use of solid wood veneer, natural wood veneer is difficult to maintain. The wood veneer is much more fragile in terms of heat resistance, wear resistance, and water resistance compared with PVC and melamine veneers. Thus, panel furniture with PVC and melamine fulfills most of the needs of the customers.
Generally, PVC veneer is used for floating shelves, wall shelves which serve more of a decorative purpose at home. 
And melamine veneer is used for computer desks, coffee tables, night tables, bookcases or TV stands which require a strong scratch-resistant surface.

Post time: May-10-2022