What makes a reliable supplier? 

SS Wooden summarize the following characteristics of high-quality suppliers:

1 Production capacity

It is critical to find suppliers who can actually manufacture the desired products. In general, the only reliable way to determine the actual production capacity of suppliers is to visit suppliers in person or through third-party agents. High quality suppliers are usually allowed to verify by visiting or auditing their factories. We can learn about suppliers by verifying the following aspects: raw material and finished products quality control, process quality control and pre shipment quality control program R & D capability (this is very significant if the enterprise plans to develop new products), maintenance and calibration certification or license of machines and equipment (such as business license, import and export license), etc.


The monthly production capacity of each category varies, for example, SS Wooden release shelves have a monthly capacity of 40X40HQs, tables have a monthly capacity of 40X40HQs, pet houses have a monthly capacity of 15X40HQs, and plant stands have a monthly capacity of 15X40HQs…

2. Good financial condition 

The financial condition of the supplier is an essential factor to measure whether it can maintain its supply capacity over the long term. This will directly affect its delivery and performance. Having financial troubles and poor turnover can result in the supplier going bankrupt, causing the final transaction to be impacted.

3. Cultural fit. 

Finding a supplier whose goal is consistent with the enterprise’s goal will make it easier for both parties to understand each other and cooperate better. Under the same conditions, suppliers with customer resources similar to your company’s business will better meet your requirements. At the same time, being willing to cooperate with you and prioritizing your needs is also one of the key characteristics of excellent suppliers.

4. Internal organization management is harmonious. 

The internal organization and management of suppliers are also factors affecting the service quality of suppliers in the future. It is possible to evaluate whether the internal organization structure of suppliers is reasonable by evaluating the company’s peers, customer satisfaction, factory management, and production process.

5. Easy communication, language and cultural barriers may present challenges to enterprises looking for overseas suppliers. 

Cooperating with suppliers who are easy to communicate can effectively prevent various problems from production delays to unqualified products.


When enterprises look for suppliers,ethics may not be the first choice. However, it is not difficult to audit the social responsibility of suppliers or potential factories. Completely ignoring the code of ethics may lead to business problems. Looking for suppliers is one of the most difficult and stressful tasks in procurement. The above characteristics will help you select the high-quality suppliers that are most suitable for the needs of the enterprise.

Post time: Jun-03-2022