What are the disadvantages of panel furniture ?

1.Non-environmental protection
There are some furniture manufacturers who produce with inferior materials such as particleboard and do not laminate all the furniture, which is easy to release formaldehyde that is harmful to the human body, which does not adhere to environmental protection rules. Therefore, searching for a responsible and honorable panel furniture manufacturer is quite important for the furniture buyer.
For families, health is important. How to see if panel furniture has an environmental protection effect? It is necessary to know from the furniture producer that E1 plates are marked in it, which means that the furniture is environmentally friendly for home use.
To identify the raw materials are qualified for safety, furniture suppliers apply quality certificates for MDF boards, such as CA65 and EPA. You can also smell whether the furniture has a pungent smell, so as to see whether the furniture is environmentally friendly.
2.Unnatural: the biggest difference between the materials used in panel furniture and solid wood furniture lies in the naturalness of the materials. Most panel furniture adopts veneer design, which lacks the natural feeling of natural materials. In an effort to resolve this problem, SS Wooden created a natural feeling 3D wooden grain paper for VIP furniture importers, and big retailer brands that let users experience 100% wood grain feeling in the furniture store and crafts store, while balancing the naturalness of the materials.
3.High cost control:Compared with solid wood furniture, panel furniture has a higher cost control. This is mainly due to the combination of different processes. MDF board density, thickness, and quality directly impact the cost of furniture, and the ability to veneer MDF board with glue perfectly affects the defect rate as well as the appearance of the furniture. From the perspective of the quality of boards, the quality of furniture is a problem that consumers consider more. The material of general panel furniture is medium density fiberboard or creative board. To see what the board quality is, you can observe the hinge slot and hole, and you can also see whether there are air seams around the board surface.
Panel furniture has monopolized the furniture market for decades. Despite the relatively high cost of panel furniture, solid wood furniture is more expensive, and the cost of panel furniture is lower than the cost of solid wood furniture. The effect of solid wood furniture cannot be achieved by panel furniture. 

Post time: May-16-2022